Trusted For 35 Years

We help dreams come true by offering a guided path to success.


Our Founder

Dr. Khaled's Passion & Purpose in life has been education.


Industry Pioneers

The AdvanceUP Team pioneered international recruitment and has been successfully helping students with higher education for over 35 years.


AdvanceUP’s team has been accredited to work with Universities and with American, Canadian and other embassies to facilitate student needs.

Diverse Team

Our team members come from a variety of industries and professions giving our organization unique perspective.


We know each student is unique and provide customized paths to success for all of our scholars.

AdvanceUP Institute is comprised of a team of educators, businessmen, medical and financial professionals and university and faculty management, working together to give a diverse and varied perspective on the symbiotic needs of students and universities.

Wide Outreach

We have an extensive pool of promising and brilliant students around the world that are eager to learn in western universities.


We have consulted with thousands of students and are well versed in matching their strengths and goals to the right programs and schools.


We streamline the application process for students by conducting a 150 point check on skillsets, grades, culture fit and more to find the optimal university for the student.


We don’t just submit applications, but have decades long relationships with universities from the President and Dean to the Admissions office and an intimate working knowledge of how admissions processes function.

When I was as student coming to America, Dr. Khaled provided me with valuable information that served me well for the rest of my life. After my education, I was able to go back

Kazi R. President of Infinity Corporation

As a young man, I approached Dr. Khaled with poor grades, but grit and determination. If he didn't believe in a kid from Dhaka on that fateful day, I would have never completed my higher education. I went on to create a multi-million dollar business in New York City and employ hundreds of people in the public service industry.

Dr. M. Ali

Dr. Khaled helped me to come to America to go to school. Being the son of an industrialist, I could have chosen any school in the country and had many resources available to me, but I felt Dr. Khaled was the only one who had my best interest at stake. He has helped me every step of the way.


Data Driven Approach

We combine a data driven technology based student matching approach melded with face to face advisory to find the best possible match for your goals.