About Our Founder

AdvanceUp is the culmination of a vision that our founder, Dr. Sheikh Abu Masum (S.A.M.) Khaled had over 35 years ago. He has been a pioneer in finding brilliant students from abroad and placing them in western education institutions for his entire professional life.

The title of “International Liaison Officer,” was a position that was created for Dr. Khaled to describe the work that he proposed to Alfred University in 1982. He was then awarded a Professorship at Golden State University of California in 1985 and was appointed Vice Chancellor of Honolulu University in 1989. Since then, the students that Dr. Khaled has advised have gone on to create entire industries, employing thousands of people in the United States and Bangladesh.

With AdvanceUP Institute, Dr. Khaled has created a platform that can continue his life’s work and will continue his vision for generations to come.


  • BCom – AKM Commerce College, Khulna Bangladesh, 1968

  • Masters in Business Education – Alfred University, 1982

  • Masters of Professional Services in Community Service Administration – Alfred University, 1985

  • Certified Public Account (CPA)  – Alfred University, 1983

  • Doctorate of Management – Golden State University of California, 1988


  • President – World Business Associates Inc.

  • International Liaison Officer – Alfred University / SUNY Alfred

  • Professor & Advisor / Admissions Representative – Honolulu University

  • Vice Chancellor – Honolulu University

  • President of AdvanceUP LLC

  • Chairman of AdvanceUP Institute for Society NGO


Exorbitant Interest Rates in Bangladesh

Founder Timeline


Dr. Khaled arrives in Canada

Dr. Khaled arrives in Canada as an immigrant in 1969 at the age of 21. He comes for the sole purpose of higher learning and with a far-fetched dream of meeting Prime Minister Trudeau. Dr. Khaled’s uncle Mr. Amjadul Huq, an Ambassador in Bangladesh, had told him many stories of Prime Minister Trudeau who had visited Dr. Khaled’s homeland of Bangladesh.


Dr. Khaled Meets Prime Minister Trudeau

At the age of 31, Dr. Khaled meets with Prime Minister Trudeau in Saskatoon which changes the course of his life. Prime Minister Trudeau extolls the virtues of higher learning and the importance of giving back to your country through the fruits of education. The inspiring one on one with the Canadian Prime Minister remained with Dr. Khaled for the rest of his life. As Dr. Khaled says, “the light in Trudeau’s eyes and a promise I made to him that day to throw myself into public service, helped to make me the man I am today.”


The International Liaison Officer

Dr. Khaled completes his Master of Business Education and fulfills his requirements for a C.P.A. Provost Odel of Alfred University, encourages Dr. Khaled to fulfill his dream of bringing Bangladeshi students to Western Universities. Dr. Khaled’s journey started this year as the position of “International Liaison Officer” of Alfred University, created to fulfill his bold vision of bringing foreign talents abroad.


First Recruitment

Dr. Khaled travels to Bangladesh for his first recruiting efforts. He places an ad in the paper advising students to come to Canada and the USA to study.   The ad is posted with his home address.  Within 24 hours over 2,000 students appear at his doorstep eager to speak to him. Dr. Khaled spoke to each and every student and recruited his first 100 students in the first batch.


Meeting with Bangladesh Ambassador

Dr. Khaled meets with the Bangladesh Ambassadors in Washington D.C. and Ottawa to facilitate his recruiting programs. Dr. Khaled works in close partnership with the consulates in America and Canada pioneering the earliest student recruitment process. These methods were later followed by organizations across the continent in the following decades.


Dr. Khaled Greets a Student

Dr. Khaled meets a new recruit at the airport in New York City. Mr. Kazi, completed his education under Dr. Khaled and opened Bangladesh’s earliest technical computer science colleges and a thriving bank remittance technology company. He currently advises Dr. Khaled for AdvanceUP operations in Bangladesh and remains a close family friend and colleague.


Every Voice Matters

On a recruitment trip, I saw a young man pacing back and forth in front of the American Embassy in Bangladesh while I was leaving an embassy meeting. He was carrying a briefcase and before any of the guards had a chance to send him away, I approached him. I came to find that he had heard of my recruitment efforts and wanted to come to Canada for higher education. Upon seeing his transcripts, they were not up to the mark. In this case however, there was something in his eyes that led me to believe that he had the determination to do well.

He was resolute and I got him accepted into Alfred University. After completing his M.P.S. program with flying colors and his PhD from NYU, this young man opened an institute to help the mentally disabled which eventually became a multi-million dollar industry employing hundreds of people and helping tens of thousands. Sometimes, people just need someone to believe in them.

– Dr. Sam Khaled


Partnership with Alfred University

Dr. Khaled is appointed to bring students to Alfred University by President John Hunter. Dr. Hunter became a board member of AdvanceUP in 2014. Dr. Khaled submitted hundreds of brilliant students to Alfred University for consideration which remains a top partner university for AdvanceUP. Alfred University has the best Ceramics School in America.  Some of the best minds in glass science hail from form AU including the patent holders for Gorilla Glass, used in every iPhone and iPad.


Meeting with the Ambassador

Dr. Khaled meets with Ambassador Thajul Islam at his home in Washington D.C. to discuss the early stages of his dream for a technical college in Bangladesh and expanding his student recruitment activities in America.


Ground Breaking for AdvanceUP Institute

The AdvanceUP Institute Technical School in Bangladesh has it’s groundbreaking ceremony in the Baridhara district in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The institute is a seven story educational facility with modern fittings and high speed wireless internet and is located only three blocks from the American Embassy.  AdvanceUP Bangladesh Headquarters will  be utilized for recruitment to western universities, technical training to enhance student skills and NGO activities.


AdvanceUP Receives NGO Certificate

AdvanceUP receives its NGO certification for it’s non-profit operations and scholarship raising abilities. With its new NGO certification, AdvanceUP continues to give back to society and help students across the world get a leg up on advancing in the global educational landscape.