What We Do

Our team gives students step by step advice and consulting through the university application and enrollment process. We meet with top students in abroad and create detailed profile based on qualifications, GPA, test scores and other qualifying characteristics, as well as providing one on one consultation. Our process matches students from their AdvanceUP Score and match them to a corresponding university that they will be accepted into universities based on criteria directly from university Board of Admissions.


We will advise students on the universities where students will most likely be guaranteed admission and will assure that all applications will reach the university of the student’s choosing. If the student is exceedingly qualified, we can guarantee placement in certain universities on a case by case basis with scholarship assistance and housing available on a case by case basis.

Post education services will include assistance and consulting with job placement in a student’s respective field. Additional services include assistance with immigration and sponsorship to streamline efforts and cost while reducing time spent on paperwork and delays.